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Back on track

   Every muscle tired. Back on track, back to running, back to pavement, new challenges, new schedules. New watch, new day, new distances. New songs, new music in my head. New priorities, new people, new training dynamics. New ideas, new approach, revelations. Boxing took my goals and sport aspirations off guard, but that’s good. Resurrected. Frustration’s gone. I […]

Marathon of the Sands . Morocco

Long Distance Running

   22:30,, I am running as fast as possible. Not running away, but towards my goals. One in particular. MDS 2015. Can I make it? Ridiculous question if asked a day before the race. Unfortunately it’s still 7 long months to go. Still great chance to fail, plenty of time to discharge my aspirations from life […]

Marathon of the Sands . Morocco

16 Days After the…

   21:30, very tired. I should tell you all about it first. About the MDS, the arrival the start, runs, food, water, dehydration, heat, the sands, weather, the heat, the starvation, emails, tears, injuries, the moments of complete mental breakdown and uplifting moments of great passion. About being ‘dead‘ and about being ‘reborn‘. About everything […]

Marathon of the Sands . Morocco


   02:15, can’t sleep. Still packing food into one bag – the one which will be checked-in; while the WAN MDS backpack remains empty. Almost there with weight calculations, but doubts are still bothering me. I think I’m loosing my mind. Just got scared when found my backpack weight around 78kg! Started unpack everything suddenly […]

Marathon of the Sands . Morocco


“I am ready.” These are my last words on Twitter posted today and these are my first words before entering the greatest life adventure I could ever imagine. Nothing less and nothing more. I am in the zone of competition right now. Focused and steady in complete emptiness.

Marathon of the Sands . Morocco