Back on track

   Every muscle tired. Back on track, back to running, back to pavement, new challenges, new schedules. New watch, new day, new distances. New songs, new music in my head. New priorities, new people, new training dynamics. New ideas, new approach, revelations. Boxing took my goals and sport aspirations off guard, but that’s good. Resurrected. Frustration’s gone. I feel better, stronger, more determined, maybe even more focused. I feel like I have done no sport – ever before. I am enjoying every second of my life. This is not because I am excited about the whole picture of my small achievements, but because I’ve started painting a set of post cards I am sending to those who are close to my heart.

 This is ridiculous. I really should tell you about how was it – the whole idea. Not sure what should I be telling you. Jumping from one event to another makes it hard to explain what I feel about certain experiences. MDS was – unique, yes it was. In every way. It is pity I couldn’t afford going there again. I have signed up earlier last year for the 30th MDS, cost me £500, but because I couldn’t meet the next installment deadline – it was taken away from me. I didn’t gave up! Honestly, it was taken away from me. Like money grow on trees spawns souls and sport spirit. This is just business.

 People falls into this pit with no bottom. I think MDS is a lifetime adventure. A box you have to tick, but if you ask me if it is worth doing it all over again? No. No, people who done their careers well, who passed certain stage in their lives, people who think Long Distance Running is their destiny then yes, i think MDS is the way but for the guy like myself – with ongoing career, constant life development – MDS should be a single event with no stretch. Run, it’s really worth it.

Marathon of the Sands . Morocco
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