Marathon Des Sables gives everyone fantastic and uplifting opportunity to design and connect your challenge with a higher cause. In my instance the charity wasn’t a much of a wonder as I already knew what I would raise the money for. As far I remember the poverty was a real hard thing, a difficult matter for me to agree with. The world was never designed to give people equal chances. Neither on the very life outset nor on its end. Therefore my charity is 100% focused to support the poorest people on the planet. Their immense struggle for survival can be greatly described by the genuine image of suffer, lost motivation, hunger, dehydration, tears, character and mental breakdown – during the life changing journey through the rocks and sands of Moroccan Desert – Marathon Des Sables.


Thank you for your time visiting my Just-Giving charity page. Your help is very much appreciated.


* This link will be available until 15 of April 2015. 1 day after the Marathon Des Sables 30th Edition.

Marathon of the Sands . Morocco